2-1 intensifier Step 1 Resto[red]®is a collection of red-light treatment products that can be tailored to the daily skincare needs of anyone looking to improve their skin’s appearance and protect it from future damage. COLOR TECHNOLOGY Vitatan®: Promotes and builds the ultimate golden color. SKINCARE TECHNOLOGY Pu[red]®Technology: Helps prevent premature aging and protects the skin…

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Body by CT™

Body by CT

Now more than ever wellness is on the rise. Body by CT combines cutting edge technologies with special ingredients targeted towards improving your skin and benefiting your health. Enhance each session with this multi-use product for both tan enthusiasts and wellness seekers! Color Enhancement: Formulated with a unique combination of ingredients to promote Melanin synthesis,…

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Cýphêr Titanium Tan Extender


Extender  | Enhancer  |  Anti-Aging A true breakthrough in tanning technology that builds dark, never-before-seen color by unlocking the proteins essential to the coloration of melanin with D-Cýphêr™ Complex. Vitatan®: Contains an exclusive combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to accelerate color development. This blend moisturizes and energizes the skin so that it can rapidly…

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