Beach You To It

Beach You To It™

Natural Sun-Kissed Bronzing Blend With Australian Hydration Complex

Life’s a beach and now you have the color to match! This Natural Sun-Kissed Bronzing Blend delivers immediate, dark results while also hydrating for beachy keen perfection! Australian Hydration Complex drenches you in luxurious skincare that binds moisture to the skin for post-vacation color that lasts days longer, while ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology provides vibrancy to all tattoos! Straight off the shore color…Beach You To It™!

Natural Sun-Kissed Bronzing Blend: Decadent blend of immediate bronzers and Safflower Oil deliver instant, flawless dark results
Australian Hydration Complex: Optimal skincare blend with Australian Reindeer Moss to protect and lock-in moisture for longer-lasting color
ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology: Luxurious blend of Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter work to hydrate and protect for more vivacious ink
After-Tan Odor Defense: Australian Tea Tree Oil helps prevent after-tan odor from developing ensuring a refreshed after-feel

• 8.5 oz. Tube
• 0.5 oz. Sample

Fragrance: Summer Melon Cooler: top notes of Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Mango & Hyacinth; mid notes of Papaya, Muguet & Peach; dry notes of Vanilla, Jasmine & Raspberry