100XX Bronzer | Ultra Extreme Sizzle Formula |Exotic Bronzer Blend | White Tea Extract and CoQ-10

Breathtakingly stunning, undeniably sexy, and completely unforgettable. Beauty may be fleeting, but bombshells are eternal. The infamous color and fiery intensity of the iconic BombShell 100XX have remained the same, but with an all new look worthy of this tanning legend! Fall in love all over again with this Ultra-Extreme Sizzle Formula that will leave skin with an unrivaled hue of passionate bronze. A little intimidated? Of course, darling! You are in the presence of greatness.

Ultra-Extreme Sizzle Formula: Imparts a sweltering heat that aids in oxygenation of skin cells allowing for more dramatic color at a head spinning rate.
Exotic Bronzer Blend: Walnut, Amino Acids, and a kiss of DHA brings color to a scorching degree of dark.

White Tea Extract and Coenzyme Q-10: Combine for a knockout fusion of powerhouse antioxidants and free radical scavengers for a ravishing appearance.
Moisturizers: Rich in Omega-9, Golden Jojoba works to rejuvenate the skin by reducing the appearance of inflammation, while helping to seal moisture onto the skin.
Vitamin B5: Provides hydration and can help reduce itching and irritation.
ATO Inhibiting: Deodorizing agents and fragrance notes combine to keep skin smelling fresh and clean.

13.5 oz. Bottle
0.5 oz. Packette

Not tested on Animals.