AG GG Chiseled Tube 2023

Chiseled by G Gentlemen®

Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Intensifier With Strong Skin Smoothie & ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology

You are sure to add this Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Intensifier to your daily circuit! Whether you use before or after your set, you are sure to achieve dark flawless color results with a soothing, cooling sensation! The Strong Skin Smoothie fuels your skin with nutrients and vitamins for a glowing complexion, while Energy Boost energizes and tones for soft, smooth skin. This quick-absorbing lotion features a refreshing Coconut Water base that revitalizes and softens for exceptionally soft skin, Lastly, the luxurious ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology hydrates deeply to give tattoos vibrancy and helps prevent those works of art from fading. Get the color gains you have always wanted with Chiseled by G Gentlemen®!

Weightless Dark Tanning Intensifier – Lightweight formulation that absorbs quickly and blends two forms of Tyrosine that help jump start the tanning process by the stimulation of melanin for dark, natural color development.
DermaDark® Bronzer – Powerful natural color enhancer that helps build color gradually without the need of UV exposure.
Hydrating Coconut Water Base (1st ingredient) – Concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for toned, radiant skin.
Strong Skin Smoothie – Skin-loving ingredients including Spinach, Kale, Cranberry and Blueberry provide nutrients such as, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamins A, C, E and K, to help maintain collagen production while improving overall skin health and appearance for the perfect complexion.
Menthol – Helps provide a cooling sensation to the skin and known to help soothe.
Energy Boost – Caffeine and Green Tea help fight off free radicals and energize for skin vitality and softness.
ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology – Decedent Tiger Grass creates a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading with locking in hydration for more vibrant color.
Tea Tree Oil – A pure essential oil, known to have natural odor fighting properties, which help prevent after tan odor from developing.

Fragrance – Rugged – Orange, Italian Bergamot, Geranium. Cedarwood, Vetiver, & Patchouli