Ocean Views™ Luxurious Intensifier

Ocean Views™

Luxurious Intensifier | Eucalyptus-Infused Water | Tyrosine

Let your cares drift away as you walk the shoreline of Sydney beaches! Luxurious Glow conditions skin and activates melanocytes for the beachy tan you desire. Ocean Water Blend provides plunging hydration from the depths of the sea, improving hydration and water loss to the skin. Sydney Skin Care Technology helps protect skin from environmental stressors and pre-mature aging. There are no worries on the beach – life’s a breeze when you have Ocean Views™!

Luxurious Glow: Lavish blend of Tyrosine and Coconut Oil helps to develop a smooth, conditioned beachy glow. Tyrosine helps to stimulate Melanin production for a darker complexion.
Ocean Water Blend: This unique Ocean Water containing high levels of Manganese and Silicium helps improve the circulation of water in the skin to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Sea Moss contains fatty acids and antioxidants to smooth, nourish and hydrate.
Sydney Skincare Technology: Native Australian ingredients, Eucalyptus Infused Water and Algae, found in the Great Barrier Reef, protect skin health by fighting against environmental stressors, help prevent water loss and are known to have anti-aging properties.
ATO Inhibitor: Witch Hazel is known to prevent unpleasant after-tan odors from developing. Eucalyptus-Infused Water is also known to have deodorizing properties.

Fragrance: Bergamot & Coconut – Bergamot, Ozonic, Vanilla, Amber Musk & Coconut

8.5oz Bottle | .5oz Packette