Rooftop Nights™ DHA Bronzer

Rooftop Nights™

DHA Bronzer | Age-Defying | Vitamin Rich

Beach babe by day, life of the party by night! Downtown Bronzing Blend gives you the color you desire for making memories in Melbourne. Vitamins K & E help protect and improve the skin’s barrier, while Cherry Flower Extract’s age-defying properties give your skin a healthier, more youthful appearance. Grab a drink and some friends for Rooftop Nights™!

Downtown Bronzing Blend: Caramel and Melanin provide an instant glow to the skin while DHA gradually develops for a darker, flawless complexion that will leave a lasting impression.

Night Life Complex: Cherry Flower Extract is known to prevent reactive oxygen species from forming that can damage the skin barrier which encourages skin health and a youthful appearance. This floral complex also contains age-defying properties to help protect against Blue Light overexposure.
Melbourne Skincare Technology: Acacia Extract has high antioxidant properties to protect against external aggressors that can have damaging effects to the skin. Caffeine is known to tone for touchable, smooth skin.
Vitamin K & E: This blend helps protect against free radicals while improving the skin’s barrier for vibrant looking skin.
ATO Inhibitor: Witch Hazel is known to prevent unpleasant after-tan odors from developing.

Fragrance: Sunkissed Citrus – Lime, Fresh Orange, Ripe Berries, Amber & Musk

8.5oz Tube | .5oz Packette