SB Festival Fever Bot 2023

Love Boho™ Festival Fever

Sunrush Tameless Tingle  Boho Glow™  Mineral Magnificence

Good vibes, great music and best friends… it’s festival season and the desert heat has never felt so electric! Experience the warmth of the sun and fuel your fiery soul with sensational color from Sunrush Tameless Tingle. Pump up the volume and get a little loud… Boho Glow™ delivers a set of headlining bronzers you won’t want to miss. Move over fringe. It’s time to make your tan the most coveted part of your look with Festival Fever!

Sunrush Tameless Tingle – Benzyl Nicotinate works to increase microcirculation in the skin. This rush of oxygen reveals an untamable sun-soaked flush and accelerates color development. Combined with supreme skin renewing hydration, this fiery tingle delivers darker-looking, glistening color.
Boho Glow™-  This bronzing bash complex features a mixture of DHA, Copper and Caramel. DHA builds the ultimate bronze for concert-ready color. Copper helps aid in Melanin synthesis and Caramel provides gleaming, bronze color immediately.
Mineral Magnificence – Features Zinc that helps boost skin’s ability to create Melanin. Found in sea salt, Zinc is a critical component to the DOPAchrome enzyme, which also plays a major role in Melanin production. Mineral Magnificence fortifies skin to support bronzing activity.
Playful Papaya Blend – Designed to help provide a softening effect to skin, creating a naturally smooth appearance. The active ingredient Papain, from Papaya, helps even skin tone, leaving behind a refreshed look.
Sea Salt Blend – Contains the skin essential minerals Magnesium and Calcium that work to restore the top layer of skin. Magnesium is required for energy production, which allows healthy skin
processes to occur. Calcium helps control skin turnover to keep it healthy, while also helping to moisturize and regulate the skin’s moisture barrier, retaining water for ultimate hydration.
Beauty Balm – Luxurious blend of Emollients that cover the top layer of skin, allowing it to naturally rehydrate and provide all day moisturization. This balm supplies a smoothing effect, leaving skin soft with a supple, radiant glow.

Fragrance – Blackberry Bellini – Sparkling Berries, Sugared Violets and Crystalline Amber