SPF 50 Tattoo Stick™

SPF 50 Tattoo Stick™ Multi-Use

Multi-Use | Ultimate Fade Protection | Coconut Oil Tattoos require a great deal of protection to ensure that color does not fade. Ultimate Fade Protection blends the perfect sunscreen ingredients that give full coverage for every tattoo. Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil provides a decadent gulp of hydration to ensure even more vibrant…

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Wild Obsession™

Wild Obsession™ Bold Dark Bronzer

Bold Dark Bronzer | Tattoo Protection | Desert Honey Myrtle Get wild with your tan! DHA and Natural Bronzers combine for bold color that will leave everyone obsessed. Avoid dry, scaly skin with Desert Sun Skincare Blend, leaving it soft and smooth. Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter work together to keep your gorgeous ink bright…

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Sandy Beaches™

Sandy Beaches™ Tropical Infused Intensifier

Tropical Infused Intensifier | Australian Brightening Complex | Tea Tree Oil Life is better spent near the ocean and sand! This Tropical Infused Intensifier produces dark results while also prolonging color for your best beach bum glow. Australian Brightening complex and Radiant Beachy Blend is just what your skin needs for a day under the…

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Rooftop Nights™

Rooftop Nights™ DHA Bronzer

DHA Bronzer | Age-Defying | Vitamin Rich Beach babe by day, life of the party by night! Downtown Bronzing Blend gives you the color you desire for making memories in Melbourne. Vitamins K & E help protect and improve the skin’s barrier, while Cherry Flower Extract’s age-defying properties give your skin a healthier, more youthful…

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Peptide Pro™ Hybrid Intensifier

Peptide Pro™ Hybrid Intensifier

Hybrid Intensifier | Peptide+ Complex | Vitamin Rich Uncover your skin’s true potential with Peptide Pro™. This high-end formula is perfectly blended with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that assists with the results of a Red Light regimen. Amino Acids can encourage the synthesis of proteins and provide support to the skin for a more plump…

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Peptide Pro Hybrid Facial™

Peptide Pro Hybrid Facial™ Hybrid Facial Intensifier

Hybrid Facial Intensifier | Collagen+ Complex | HydroGel Technology Quench your skin and leave it deeply hydrated with Peptide Pro™ Hybrid Facial. This lightweight, quick absorbing formulation is uniquely blended with Collagen Peptides and Green Tea to assist in enhancing the benefits of Red Light Treatment. Deluxe Intensifying Blend utilizes Tyrosine and Glycerin to help…

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Ocean Views™

Ocean Views™ Luxurious Intensifier

Luxurious Intensifier | Eucalyptus-Infused Water | Tyrosine Let your cares drift away as you walk the shoreline of Sydney beaches! Luxurious Glow conditions skin and activates melanocytes for the beachy tan you desire. Ocean Water Blend provides plunging hydration from the depths of the sea, improving hydration and water loss to the skin. Sydney Skin…

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Magnetize™ 25th Dimension Hybrid Dark Bronzer

25th Dimension Hybrid Dark Bronzer | Exquisite Skincare Blend | Flawless Finish Draw your focus to Magnetize™, a dual-use product that helps enhance color and the effects of Red Light Treatment. This 25th Dimension Hybrid Dark Bronzer blends Coconut Oil and bronzers for an enticing complexion – attracting only the finest. Red Light Effects compels…

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Beach You To It™

Beach You To It

Natural Sun-Kissed Bronzing Blend With Australian Hydration Complex Life’s a beach and now you have the color to match! This Natural Sun-Kissed Bronzing Blend delivers immediate, dark results while also hydrating for beachy keen perfection! Australian Hydration Complex drenches you in luxurious skincare that binds moisture to the skin for post-vacation color that lasts days…

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Endless Vacation™

AG Endless Vacation Tube

Triple Dip Hybrid Intensifier With Continuous Color Cocktail Get gorgeous results just the way you like it! This specially formulated Triple Dip Hybrid Intensifier can give you straight-from-the-beach color whatever way you choose to achieve it. Continuous Color Cocktail provides intense moisture to ensure gorgeous color lasts for days! Red Light Collagen Boost delivers unbelievable…

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