Grand Affair™

Grand Affair™ Quadruple Bronzing Formula

Quadruple Bronzing Formula | Affluent Finish | Avocado Oil They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a rich tan. This Quadruple Bronzing formula glides on the skin effortlessly and provides extravagant color for any Grand Affair™. The combination of instant bronzers provides warm undertones that compliment all skin types for a…

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Eternity™ 45X Infinite Bronzing Blend

45X Infinite Bronzing Blend | Lasting Tattoo Protection | Sweet Nectar Transform your skin for a gorgeous tan! Supercharged with powerful bronzers, 45X Infinite Bronzing Blend will leave you with instant and delayed color results for a tan that will evolve your confidence. The Butterfly Effect is an elegant blend of skin-enhancing ingredients for a…

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Fever™ 85X Bronzed Beauty

85X Bronzed Beauty | Glow Off | Age Rebellion Let disco ignite your soul and reveal the dancing Queen or King you are! As you party the night away, show off your stellar color with Bronzed Beauty Blend, a combination of Natural Bronzers and DHA. Invigorating Skincare Complex contains Sodium PCA and a Ceramide for…

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100XX Bronzer | Ultra Extreme Sizzle Formula |Exotic Bronzer Blend | White Tea Extract and CoQ-10 Breathtakingly stunning, undeniably sexy, and completely unforgettable. Beauty may be fleeting, but bombshells are eternal. The infamous color and fiery intensity of the iconic BombShell 100XX have remained the same, but with an all new look worthy of this…

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Designer Skin Angel™ Body Wash

Designer Skin Angel Body Wash

Silky-soft, sensuous skin. Velvety to the touch. Angel Body Wash is indeed heaven-sent. Unlike other body washes, this guardian of your skin also protects, tones and supports your most precious asset… your skin. Potent anti-aging ingredients visibly improve skin’s firmness and texture. Hemp Seed Oil provides the ultimate moisturization. For divine results, follow with your…

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40X Dark Bronzer | Mushroom Extract | Velvet Touch Unmask truly undeniable color! 40X Bronze Revelation combines instant and delayed bronzers for deep, dark results. Piperine, derived from Black Pepper, helps to stimulate melanin production to unveil a darker bronze. Decadent Delight blends Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter for smooth, silky skin.…

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Triple Threat™

DS FN Triple Threat

DS Faux Natural™ Sunless | UV+Sunless+Red Light | Beauty Light Elixir | Energizing Caffeine & Coffee Seed For trendsetters who demand show stopping perfection, chic happens in the DS Faux Natural™ Sunless Collection! Confidently reach the tan of your dreams as you indulge in UV, Sunless, and Red Light treatments. No one can stand in…

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Designer Skin Angel™


Daily Moisturizer | Anti-Aging and Firming Lotion | Added Vitamin D Silky-soft, sensuous skin. Velvety to the touch. Angel Daily Moisturizer is indeed heaven-sent. Unlike other moisturizers, this Guardian of Your Skin also protects, firms and nourishes your most precious asset… your skin. Potent anti-aging and firming ingredients visibly improve skin’s firmness and texture. Hemp…

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5X Beacon Bronzer | Seaside Skincare | Coastal Cream Oil Formula Venture into the eye of the storm and emerge with unsinkable color. Your journey to beautiful, bronzed skin is underway! Go against the tide and let this 5X Bronze Beacon light the way to glowing results. Seaside ingredients and a Coastal Cream Oil Formula…

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Escapade Bot 2023

Exhilarating Quadruple Bronzer Rich Cream Oil Formula Infused with Dual Cooling Essences Batten down the hatches and prepare yourself for a journey of epic color proportions. Tantalizing sun-kissed skin calls for all hands on deck! This potent quadruple bronzing blend will leave you beautifully bronzed before stepping foot on the shore. Relax in the ocean…

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